Cover Photo: Mark Miller

'Pataphysical Piano

The sounds and silences of Andrew Hugill
This selection of sounds and silences of composer Andrew Hugill played by six young and gifted pianists, embraces a sound world quite unique and extra-ordinary. A serene counterpoint of pianistic sound evolves around, against and within itself.

Cat. Number: 020011008 Year of issue: 2007
Duration: 72:53 No. of tracks: 10
Recording date: 28th & 29th of August 2007 Recorded at: The Weston Auditorum, Hatfield

Track Listing:

Track Title Duration Composer
1 Catalogue de Grenouilles 17:26 Andrew Hugill
2 Sonneries Parfumées 5:29 Andrew Hugill
3 Fete Donné par un ‘pataphysicien anglais 2:52 Andrew Hugill
4 I: Le Collège de ‘Pataphysique en deuil 9:17 Andrew Hugill
5 II: Clinamen 6:10 Andrew Hugill
6 III: Opach 8:51 Andrew Hugill
7 IV: L’Ethernité 5:10 Andrew Hugill
8 Bride, teeming with sweet to the Bridegroom 7:42 Andrew Hugill
9 Pianolith 9:41 Andrew Hugill
10 Digestif 0:15 Andrew Hugill

Album Contributors:

Executive Producer - Howard Burrell
Producer - Michael Woolcock
Chief Engineer - Daniel Halford
Engineer - Will Taitt
Design - Tony McDermott
Cover Photograph - Mark Miller
Administration - UHArts